Bring Back The Night Sky

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I would like to invent spectacles that could eliminate the light pollution reaching our eyes so that I can watch the stars without disruption”, I replied after being asked an idea for my innovation in the entrepreneurship class back when I was in college.

I remember my teacher smiling and the rest of the class being followed by him reminiscing of how beautiful the sky looks back at his village.

Since centuries, the night sky has been a muse for poets, writers and philosophers. Humans have looked up at the stars in awe, questioning their existence and finding a relationship within the stars and the galaxies above. The wonderment of the pristine night sky has ensured that we remember our true place in the universe.

Stargazing has helped me untangle so many of my life problems and has eased my ‘writers block’ several times. Sadly, living in a metropolitan city, I could never watch the night sky in its whole glory. Light pollution has deprived me and millions of people from the celestial treat up in the sky.

In most cities similar to mine, the sky is virtually empty of stars. Not only it mirrors our fear of the dark, it also leaves behind an orange haze, normally called the skyglow. This is artificially created due to the excess and unwanted lights been directed towards the sky. Light pollution is the result of poor lighting design which throws light up in the sky wherein it should illuminate the ground where it is truly needed. I can’t stress enough on how much this has irked not only me but to everyone who has loved the night sky truly.

Our nights are vanishing.

Humans have a large well-maintained record for being greedy. As much we have accomplished over the years, we strive for more, to be and maintain at the top of the food chain. Darkness is mystifying, it’s scary because of the unknown and the invention of white lights flooding and washing away the stars to create an eternal day eliminated this fear. The wilful turning off and on the night by a mere flicking of the switch made us believe that we have mastered the universe.

But have we?

It’s high time we act the intelligent species that we have evolved into. Humanity is about empathy. We need to stop being selfish and maintain the harmonious relationship between nature and us. We need to open our window to the universe.

We need to turn off the lights and bring back our stars!

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  1. captaineverland

    Aw this post makes me sad. Humanity is empathy indeed. All we have to do is to stop being selfish and greedy. And if only we have less ignorant in this world…

    Thank you for this post. x Ain (

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      Sakshi Raina

      I agree Ain, I don’t understand how all of us mostly focus on the short term goals instead of the long ones. We are disconnecting from nature at a rate faster than ever before.

  2. Britt K

    This is one thing I LOVE about growing up out in the middle of nowhere – we still went to bed at night with a starry sky above us. While I still live in the country, I’m too close to a city now to see nearly as much. It breaks my heart.

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  3. Jaya Avendel

    Ooh, I had no idea what the skyglow was made from! I live out in a mountain glade and am lucky to have a clear view of many stars. Knowing how much I appreciate and love them, I am sad for those who do not see any light in that beauty. Empathy is dying when we need it most.

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