How Storytelling Inspires Generations

How storytelling inspires generations


As children we all grew up listening to stories. It could be either fairy tales about princess and fairies, superheroes that saves the day, mythology or just plain life stories about your grandparents, the people they know, the people around you…. and although while all of their plots might be different, there is a particular element common- a message. At the end of the story, you take a lesson, a value , a learning that stays with you. Then you pass it down to others for generations to come.

We all have a story to tell.

As humans, we thrive on stories. We are inspired when other people share their stories on how they started and your inner voice disguised as hope whispers to you “if they made it despite everything, I can too” and this is how a movement is begun. This is how an idea that was buried inside you sparks off into a change.

Take the #MeToo movement as an example. What began as a hashtag to expose details against the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, matured into inspiring millions of women around the globe to share their personal stories denouncing sexual assault and harassment.


This is because when someone share their story, you know you are not alone.  This in turn helps you build a larger community of people who will back you up and all of us grow stronger. The women who were afraid to speak up and were kept in shadows now spoke fearlessly – in large numbers and a movement began.

Your stories matter.

Artists have a different way to share their stories. They put a little part of themselves in their art- dancing, writing, poetry, painting, songs. These creations are beautiful, not only because they pleases our senses but also our heart. All of the art pieces – unique because of their stories behind which led them to their creation. They not only tell us about the ideology about the era when it was created but also restores our history in place.

Why do you think we refer to old literature and movies for historic researches? Yes, exactly.

This is the magic of stories- no matter which shape they take. They teach you. They force you to look the society from a different perspective. They bring out empathy. They unite us. They help you to understand the world. They inspire you to change the world.

One story at a time. One idea at a time.


  1. yvonnewabai

    Lovely post! Reminds me of a quote I love, “Story is the song line of a person’s life. We need to sing it and we need someone to hear the singing. Story told. Story heard. Story written. Story read creates the web of life in words.” This is why I love writing short stories and poems and sharing them on my blog.

    Yvonne Wabai | Randomly Creative

  2. Jenni Petrey

    I’ve recently started to get my 9 year old daughter to write down her stories. She is autistic and has the most amazing imagination.

  3. Heather Keet

    I often think our world would be more positive if people read more. Think about all the hard times humans have gone through, today is no worse and tomorrow won’t be either. Look to the words of those who have lived before you and take the lessons they offer.

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