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Guest post by Moheb from The Wanderer Pharaoh

I always wanted to quit my job. But I was hesitant about the right time that is until the travel agency I used to work for in Egypt shut down because of the Coronavirus crisis.

For most of the businesses in Egypt, they were just waiting until the partial lock-down is lifted. But for us who are working in tourism, no one can predict when the tourism industry will recover. Even when the Egyptian authorities announced the re-opening of the hotels on the 15th of May, they were allowed to operate at 25% capacity for domestic tourism and starting from the first of June they are allowed to operate at 50% capacity.

On the 25th of May, Egypt recorded 702 new confirmed cases of Covid-19, bringing the total infected cases to 17,967 cases. On the same day, 19 new deaths were recorded, bringing the total deaths to 783 deaths. This brought Egypt to the top of the list of African countries with the most Covid-19 deaths.

Since the 16th of March, Egyptian government has been gradually applying precautionary measures. These started with the international travel ban, then closing the touristic cities and resorts. Also a partial curfew was applied all over Egypt.

But after almost 2 months of partial lock-down, the Egyptian government decided to ease the restrictions starting from the first of June. This decision is conditioned with certain hygiene measures. For example, hotels and resorts must have clinics. And no public gatherings like parties, weddings and concerts will be held. Also, Hotels are only allowed to serve food on a pre-set menu, while open buffets are no longer available. 

The Egyptian government also announced that they’re considering to reopen other things. Like churches and mosques might re-open from mid-June after applying certain precautionary measures. Also restaurants, cafes and clubs might as well re-open after following the regulations the government will propose. 

As for me, I chose – willingly – to resign. I always wanted to have more time to work on my travel blog. I rented out my own apartment and went to live with my brother to save some money. So, I am able to find the time to write, take online courses and read. I might not be glad to be unemployed, but I am absolutely happy with my Travel Blog’s progress.

Every morning, I wake up, have my coffee and check e-mails and blog comments. I work in the morning as hard as I used to in my full-time job. Then I cook my lunch. I never cared about eating healthy until these past months. In the evening I work out as hard as I can to get ready for long distance mountain trekking. I dream about mountain trekking again. And it was a great reason to keep me motivated for the past couple of months. 

As there is a chance to travel around Egypt starting from the first of June, I’ve made a mega backpacking plan. And I am not doing it because international travel is currently not an option. But I really love Egyptian roads and the train experience since I was a child. It is a great opportunity to travel to Egyptian destinations, enjoy the natural beauty and historical sites, as well as writing guides helping travelers to travel around Egypt when it is possible. 

Last but not least, I am also planning to finally get my scuba diving certificate. This is not the first time I planned to take Scuba diving courses. But every time I planned to do it, I either didn’t find the time or got short on money.

But since this lock-down started, I’ve been dreaming and dreaming. And I believe that everything happened lately was a sign to me to go fulfil my dreams!

About the author

Moheb Wessa is an Egyptian writer and a travel blogger. He blogs over at The Wanderer Pharaoh travel blog which is a bilingual blog sharing destination guides while focusing on Egyptian destinations. You can also find him on Instagram and Twitter!

Quarantine Diaries is a blog series where bloggers from different countries share their quarantine stories to narrate their experiences and remind us that we all are in it together.

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  1. Moheb Wessa

    Thank you all for your warm and encouraging words! It has been a difficult time for all of us but we can always make the best of it. And Thanks to Sakshi for making my story part of this amazing series 🙂