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Guest post by Sheena from Vocalized Thoughts

I hail from the Pearl of Africa, our first case was detected on the night of 22nd March and the next morning I had to pack my bags and head straight home back from school. Things started off as what I’d prefer to call manageable but the past weeks have been crazy, there has been cases flying in, which begs the question on everyone’s lips, “will things go back to normal soon.” With an increase in cases from neighbouring countries, we are not safe either.

I’ll take you on a short trip to when self isolation kicked off, all hell broke loose, almost everything was put to a standstill, it was literally a turn of events, learning institutions, transport, workplaces, prayer places, name it. I remember wondering if the fiction most of us always enjoyed behind the screens was coming to life.

As I write this, the tension has lessened. We have to still be on a look out though, wash our hands with soap and water or sanitise when entering stores, precisely every entry point. With the current state of 160 confirmed cases and 0 death cases and thanks to God, we have 66 recoveries too. There is however, still, need for us to continue being alone together, make use of those masks and most importantly follow the guidelines set out for us by the government. Soon though, there is hope there might be a bit of normality as some restrictions will be lifted.

We are very thankful of the ministry of health that has been having sleepless nights and long days, the minister of health, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, health workers all over the country, the peace keepers, the teachers ensuring that students don’t lurk behind, everyone ensuring that we get through this.

What is scary about all this is the increasing crime, I hate watching the news because of the horror in there.

Every single day, there is domestic violence here and all over the country, defilement, spouses killing their partners. That’s what worries me most. There is also challenges of people not being to put food on the table for their families, although thankfully many people are reaching out to help these families.

As much as this pandemic and lockdown has mounted cons upon many of us. For me it has come with a handful of pros. I remember when we were told to leave Uni with directives from up above(commander in chief) God.. we had exams coming up in about a week. For a while I was very sad about everything cause with a standstill on everything it meant there was a possibility of the next semester pushed ahead and so was my graduation which was meant to be in the last months of the year.This time for me has been a game changer, I have had time to focus on a lot of things I have been ignoring. Taking care of myself, having plenty of time to think and reflect. Spending quality time with family and friends. God, I have even discovered new interests that have have kept my mind sane. I have been able to see my potential, and a light has been shone on my path. 

Honestly though, for me, life was not any different from how it is right now, in fact I do not miss much as everyone else has been talking about all the thing they miss. Normally I stay in if I don’t have class and on a few evenings, I go for walks. Which is exactly what I am doing during this time.

As the whole world we should ensure slowing the spread, by following the guidelines. Pray to get through this. And hope we get to normal soon. Stay safe.

About the author

Sheena is a student from Uganda who loves to read and take photographs of sunsets. She writes about all things life, movie and book reviews in her blog over at Vocalized Thoughts. You can also find her on Instagram and Twitter!

Quarantine Diaries is a blog series where bloggers from different countries share their quarantine stories to narrate their experiences and remind us that we all are in it together.

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  1. Charity

    Yes this time has been so scary. I have stopped watching the news as much because I don’t like hearing all the negative either. I am hoping we are all on the road to somewhat of normalcy soon too!

  2. Chloe Chats

    Glad you’re doing okay, it is interesting to hear from others around the world to see what the situation is like there. I’m from England so it is pretty scary here at the moment but I am using my time to work on my blog and reflect on what goals I’d like to achieve in the future. Stay safe! xx

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