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Guest Post by Tyra from Ty_blogsx

Compared to most other countries in Europe, the UK had the softest restrictions. What most of Europe is now experiencing as their Phase 1 of lifting the lockdown, was the UK’s lockdown to begin with, since 23rd March 2020. We have been allowed 1hrs exercise outdoors, to go to supermarkets for essentials and to get medication.

That was all. Other than that, we had to stay indoors and were advised not to use public transport although it is still running! Confusing right? It gets worse!

Our prime minister had announced that as of 20th May 2020, we can now go out for unlimited exercise and sit in parks with people of the same household but social distancing and lockdown is still in place!

Everyone in the UK would have seen photos going viral online of the scenes in some parks around the UK prior to this latest announcement. The parks were already filled with people sitting in large groups, having BBQ’s and drinking although this was not allowed. Now that it is allowed to sit in the park what do you think will happen? People are going to take advantage! May I also add that we have the highest death toll in Europe!!!

So how do I and many other UK citizens feel about this? Do I think the UK handled this crisis well? No. Do I think, people have been ignorant by not following the rules to our already very weak lockdown? Yes.

I am very anxious of the risks of a second wave and as much as I would love to see my family, friends and boyfriend, we need to do this lockdown properly to reduce deaths and infection rates!

How am I coping in lockdown?

Like a lot of us globally, I have had my ups and downs. As compulsive over-thinker and anxious person, I like to keep myself busy to stay out of my head thoughts. Now being in quarantine has made this very difficult! I’ve had days where I’ve just stayed in bed and binged watched my favourite shows. I’ve had days where I’ve felt fed up, irritable and moody and I’ve had days where I’ve felt low in mood.

Overall, I would say have felt drained, anxious, lonely and confused. Safe to say I miss normality. But I have also had days where I’ve gone for walks and enjoyed the sunshine and nature. I’ve had time to reflect on myself and my goals and I’ve had time to get back into something I thoroughly enjoy – writing! And you too could use this time find your passion and find something you enjoy. But if you just want to spend this time taking break and dealing with your thoughts and emotions, taking one step at a time, that’s OK too!

I think my biggest message to everyone all over the world is that we may be isolated, but you are not alone in your feelings. Both negative ones and positives. This is a global crisis! Although different countries are handling this differently, everyone’s normal way of living has changed.

We are all adapting to change – and it’s scary. But we are all in this together.

No matter how near or far we are from each other we are all experiencing this and feeling similar emotions. Don’t forget to stay connecting to loved ones virtually and look after yourselves, self care is particularly important in times like this! Limit how much negativity you’re taking in on the news and find something to do you enjoy, that lets you forget all craziness going in the world right now! We will get through this!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Love Ty (my inbox is always open for a chat or advice of any kind) xo

About the author

Tyra is a 21 year old Occupational Therapy student and self-love & self-care blogger from the UK. You can read her blog at Ty_blogsx. You can also find her on Instagram and Twitter!

Quarantine Diaries is a blog series where bloggers from different countries share their quarantine stories to narrate their experiences and remind us that we all are in it together.

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  1. kalliopechasing

    Well, I was starting to think that America was the only place who didn’t know how to handle the pandemic. I’m also really worried about a second wave because of how clueless everyone has been acting.
    Thank you so much for sharing this! It’s nice not feeling alone during this time.

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  2. Tyas

    It may be too fast to allow people to do outdoor, recreational activities or to return to the “normal life” in times like this, especially with the uncertainty of a second wave. I hope that people be extra careful when they’re outside so that the situation won’t be worse.
    Thank you for sharing this, I look forward to reading more posts from other countries!

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      Sakshi Raina

      I agree, it’s not safe at all to go outside and mingle with people like we used to. We need to stop normalising it! Thank you for reading, a new country comes tomorrow and there are so many more in the pipeline xx

  3. Nancy

    It is interesting to see how the pandemic has affected people across the world. A local town is known for flooding the beaches here in LA! it is good that Tyra is doing everything she can to cope with lockdown. Adapting to change is hard but it is something we have to do now!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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  4. glowsteady

    Reducing the lockdown restrictions really annoyed me too. It’s definitely too soon. And while I understand the logic in trying to give people a little bit more to help those really struggling, people are definitely going to exploit this. I’ve seen way more people and cars this week and all it’s doing is making me want to go out less x

    1. Post
      Sakshi Raina

      I know that feeling. It’s frustrating to see how people exploit as you say when restrictions are eased out. I hope more people realise how important it is to still practice social distancing.

  5. Hannah Louise Blog

    The change in the lockdown rules has really frustrated me too, i want to see my boyfriend more than anything and if there’s a second wave because people are ignorant it’s going to be even longer!

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