Learning to Be at Peace with Yourself

Capture Sunshine: learning to be at peace with yourself

“When you make peace with yourself, you make peace with the world. ”

– Maha Ghosananda.

I always felt in a constant battle with the world or particularly with my own life. It always seemed to me that the world is full of negativity. I woke up in the morning to the everyday news of someone getting robbed and murdered, women getting raped or a natural calamity halting the city. When I proceeded on with my day, everyday life sometimes took a toll on me. Things affected me, people annoyed me and I was in an utter state of confusion as to why isn’t there any peace in my life?

I felt as a puppet on a string which isn’t in my control. 

I couldn’t understand why there was some drama always going on in my life or the lives of those I loved.

I struggled with my life and went with the flow instead of taking things in my control and changing them. I forgot that I’m always in charge, that I can change the course of my life in any way that I want, that I’m strong and capable of achieving anything. Most importantly, I understood that I deserve to be happy.

Over time, I somehow realised that the way you look at things affects you severely. I learned that by bringing about some changes I could feel peace within me even if that wasn’t always forever.


Nature has all the answers

Have you ever been in close contact with nature?

Like going for a walk to the forest, or watching the sunset on the beach or go trekking?

Or my favorite stargazing?

I love gazing at those diamonds in the sky and introspecting. It makes me realise how there are more important things to do in life than what we do all day.

Nature helps us to find ourselves. We get busy hiding in our own constructed cemented boxes that we often forget where we come from. Feel the sunshine on your face, the rain on your naked skin, and it might help you find the answers you have always sought after. It will help you resolve the chaos in your head and help you attain peace.

Live in the present moment:

We have quite forgotten how to live in the present without letting our mind drift off to an another time frame. We tend to look back and yearn for the days gone by, trying to get one last chance to say or do things that we haven’t while we had the chance.

We get so caught up in the past because we did not allow to live those pasts when they were our presents. 

We also seem to look and figure out what lies ahead of us, the future. We’re scared of what it holds for us.  The worst part of living in the past or the future is that we lose the power of controlling the present and creating the future.

Living in the moment means doing or feeling or seeing something what is right in front of you, in your surroundings.

Let go of perfectionism:

Perfection is an illusion. Nothing in this world is perfect. Even the most smoothest of surface has tiny grooves in them. While striving for excellence is a good motivation, chasing perfectionism is not. Be imperfectly perfect.

Monitor your thoughts and be positive:

We often believe that we have no control over our thoughts or our emotions but this is not true. We are always in our control, we can change our thoughts if we can recognise them and the root cause of them. Stay calm and pay attention to your emotions and you have the power to modify your thoughts and convert them into positive energy. Stay positive and follow the law of attraction.

There is a lot of negativity and craziness in life if you let them be but you can change your perspective by learning to live at peace with yourself.

Peace comes from the change within you.


  1. Despite Pain

    Sometimes we need to a step back to take a breath, so we can put things in perspective. I also find nature helps me too. Being surrounded by trees or taking in the beauty of the scenery around me, or just listening to birds can help calm and relax me. Lovely post.

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  2. Marina Rosie

    Some amazing tips here that make perfect sense! I love a walk with nature, no sound, just myself and the surroundings – the rain on the naked skin part gave me goosebumps, honestly, because you’re so right about how liberating something small like that can be. x
    Marina Rosie x

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  3. Roxie

    This is so true! We may not be able to change the entire world and what’s going on with it, but we can definitely help in helping ourselves.

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  4. emahwriter

    What an inspiring post. There is so much turmoil in our world, and a bulk of it comes from the anxiety that builds up within our minds. Peace is something we can’t take for granted. I have a bad habit of being a bully to myself and I am trying now to take things easy and understand that things will not work out in every tiny detail that I’ve planned out. This post definitely helps my journey. Thank you.

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      Sakshi Raina

      “There is so much turmoil in our world, and a bulk of it comes from the anxiety that builds up within our minds.”
      – I agree to this so much. I hope you feel better soon and please take care of yourself. *hugs*

  5. Gratisoul

    I completely agree with you. We are in control of our thoughts. Often we encounter negative thoughts due to which we feel sad. But once we change how we think, everything around us changes.
    Beautiful blog!!

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  6. Jenny in Neverland

    Amazing post – I really needed to read this! I always feel like I’m in battle with something. Negative thoughts mostly. And comparisons to everyone else (which social media definitely doesn’t help with) so this has given me a lot to think about. I live in a really built up area near a city so stargazing isn’t common for me but when I next get a chance, I absolutely will. I used to love it. It makes me feel so small but it’s kinda a nice feeling, if that makes sense? Anyway, I’m rambling. Amazing post, thank you <3


  7. Post
    Sakshi Raina

    Hey Jenny!
    I stay off social media for most part which kinda helps but I know what you’re talking about. Stargazing or just anything closer to nature with no technology to distract you can help give you the time and space to think about the things that really fo matter xx

  8. Rhianna

    I really like this post, and it has some great tips. Particularly about living in the moment. I think there’s a tendency these days to live thinking about past mistakes, or wish your time away thinking about things like the weekend on a Monday, but we need to learn to appreciate and enjoy the here and now!

    Rhianna x

  9. justnatonya

    Completely beautiful. I just don’t watch the news because there is always a sad story. I feel and pray for those who are hurt and harmed and then I filter it out because it pulls me down. We can’t live life with negative energy. Like you said, we are in control of our thoughts. With practice, it’s possible to think positive thoughts every single day. I like being in natural because my mind runs free. I feel complete and it’s the perfect escape from the world. Lovely post!

    Natonya | https://justnatonya.wordpress.com/

  10. Lindsey

    Great post!! Sometimes just having that reminder that yes, you are the one in control, can make a difference as well and that is what this post has just given me. Loved this – thanks for sharing!

  11. modernmum82

    What a wonderfully inspiring post. I hace taken so much from this, i try so hard to live in the present but often find my mind wandering to the past or tge future. I am going to try and take more walks to clear my mind x

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