Sunset Glow: A Poem

sunset glow poem

The sunset was too pretty to be ignored today. Captured this beautiful sunset both through film and my poetry. There is something about sunsets that’s just magical! It’s a sign of the day passing by, that things come to an end only to start afresh. I love watching the sun set slowly behind the clouds leaving behind a golden hue, it’s calm, it’s serene; and now it’s for you to see ☀️

The sun slowly fades behind the clouds
A golden hue across the sky
A beautiful painting in motion
The first sign of a waving goodbye

It’s when the birds chirp and sing
and fly back to their home
it’s when insect wings glisten
in the low sun lit glow

The crimson sun shines gently
till the sky blurs to blue
stars slowly appears one by one
till the moon rises anew

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