Turning 26


26 looks so good on me ✨

I guess these birthday posts have now become an annual ritual. Been doing this since I turned 24, continued this when I turned 25, and now today when I turn 26. These posts reflect my thoughts, showcases my journey and how far I have come, one year at a time.

As I turn 26 today, I am proud of my growth.

This year had its fair share of turbulence and bumpy roads – from having to experience COVID-19 first hand, to feel bouts of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and just dealing with some of the pitfalls of the corporate culture at work. When I now look back, I am proud of how I dealt with these things. Spoiler: Much better than how I could have dealt with it a couple of years back, and that to me is growth.

I now have a solution-first based approach

If I have a problem staring right at my face, whether that is work-related or personal, my approach now is to figure out how can I solve this and what my plan of action should be. Earlier, I spent days wallowing in self-pity or be blinded with emotions of hurt and betrayal; too paralysed to do anything else. I still feel hurt, I am still emotional but I don’t let these emotions overcome my ability to think rationally and act accordingly.

I am striving to face my fear

Although, I have never been someone who is stuck in her comfort zone, this year I strived to push myself to another level. At work, I got better at having tough conversations with people and also deal with uncertainty.

I love public speaking! I love giving talks, presentations to a group of people, both to present my ideas on a stage and to share my knowledge with the world. But every time before my session, I get this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, a little bout of stage anxiety. Despite this, I intentionally signed up to give a few sessions at workplace with varying degrees of both content and audience. I also gave my first lightening talk to an external audience which was such a rush!

turning 26
26 looks so good on me ✨

I have a better sense of who I am

Now, when I look at the mirror, I do recognise who she is and I love her. My feelings of self-love and being comfortable in my own skin just gets stronger each year. I am true to myself and I do not pretend to be somebody else to please anybody.

I workout regularly

Ah! This one was tough to get used to, not gonna lie. It took me a couple of years to be in the position where I actually enjoy working out. I do a mix of cardio + strength on my best days and dance fitness workouts when I am not feeling it. The endorphins rush is real, guys!

I am grateful

As always, I am grateful for what I have. I have a deep appreciation for my family for showering me with love and support, my mentors at work who always believe in me, our health, and YOU! Thank you so much for reading this blog and my random musings over the web. Thank you! I appreciate every single one of you ❤️

As my birthday today draws to an end, my heart is filled with love and gratitude. Thank you for everything and a big thanks to the universe for doing everything it does. Here is to many more happy birthdays!

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